Comedian Draws Attention to Low Congressional Attendance

Seth Rogan is stirring up some press today for Alzheimer’s and the seeming lack of congressional interest in the disease. Before we become too personally infuriated with congressional leaders, it’s important to note that most speeches made to congressional hearings are made, not to senators, but to their aides and the staff. However, I whole heartedly agree that a speech about Alzheimer’s should rank higher than a lobbyist’s lunch date. Are we all really comfortable with the knowledge that low attendance is the norm on capitol hill?

On the upside, it’s all generating talk about Alzheimer’s and the plight of “elderly disease” in this country. Here is Rogan’s site, Hilarity for Charity, which seeks to use humor and good times to raise money for a serious cause. All work that is beneficial for not only the Alzheimer’s community but the HD community as well.


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