When It Comes to Memory, Two Minds Are Better Than One

The article linked below discusses how as we age we can more readily recall information when we are with a partner we’ve spent decades with. I think this is true for other close relationships, not just a husband and wife.

But I think it’s interesting because it highlights the importance that loved ones and caregivers play in keeping our loved one from losing themselves and their history. My mom would habitually form false memories, and I would often find myself delicately trying to suss them out and encourage a more accurate picture.

As an HD individual progresses from middle to late stage, their communication diminishes and it’s hard to know what impact our visiting or speaking as on their psyche. This study holds the implications that, perhaps, without our social circle, without our core family, without our partners, in whatever form they may come (sister, mother, spouse), we stand to lose ourselves and/or our loved ones all that much quicker.



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